Iranian Opposition Threatened Amid Plans for Demonstration

HRANA News Agency reports that several scare tactics was put in place ahead of Bahman 25, February 14 demonstrations set by opposition leaders Mir Hossein Musavi and Mahdi Karrubi in solidarity with the people’s movements in Tunisia and Egypt.

According to IRNA website, IRGC commander of Tehran’s Mohammad Rasoolollah base has threatened those who would join the protests “IRGC will crush any congregations by dissidents” Similarly, according to Saham News website, security forces put opposition leader Mahdi Karrubi under house arrest after he called for protests. At the same time, intelligence officers have arrested Taghi Rahmani, an advisor to Mahdi Karrubi, after raiding his house.
These threats and scare tactics came after thousands of supporters of the Green Movement joined social networking websites and dedicated their web blogs to promote the February 14 demonstrations.


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