Iranian State TV reacts to the HRA’s Free VPN

HRANA News Agency – On the website “Webgardi” (browsing), a part of “20:30 News”, one of the most viewed and watched websites and News broadcasts of Iranian state TV, there was a report about the free VPN of HRA’s Pillar Fourth Committee.

According to a report by HRA’s Pillar Fourth Committee, the report of Webgardi says: “Pillar Fourth Committee, related to HRA, which is financially supported by western sources, has begun free VPN service for internet users in Iran to bypass governmental internet filters.”

This report in reaction of Pillar Fourth Committee’s efforts for providing unlimited and safe access to the internet for Iranians, tries to connect these efforts to the USA government and continues: “in the services of this anti-Iranian government system, sponsored by western sources, there are five million VPN services and more than 11 million connections via proxies. The center of these services for Iranian internet users is located in United States of America.”

Meanwhile, Pillar Fourth Committee’s free services for Iranian internet users to access an unlimited Internet and circle of information is according to the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution in support of freedom of speech. These efforts in democratic countries are always supported by governments.


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