Iranian Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence for Sunni Cleric Mohammad Khezrnejad

Mohammad Khezrnejad

Branch 41 of the Iranian Supreme Court, under the leadership of Judge Ali Razini, has upheld the death sentence and additional imprisonment for Sunni Cleric Mohammad Khezrnejad. He was arrested amidst the nationwide protests in 2022, as reported by Kurdpa.

On November 19, 2022, Khezrnejad and his son were detained by security forces in Bukan and subsequently incarcerated in Urmia Prison.

Judge Reza Najafzadeh, presiding over the Urmia Revolutionary Court, later found Khezrnejad guilty on multiple counts, including “spreading corruption on earth,” “compromising national security by threatening the country’s integrity or independence,” and “engaging in propaganda against the regime.” He received a combined sentence of death and 16 years in prison. Khezrnejad has consistently refuted the charges, labeling them as unfounded.

The conviction was largely based on coerced confessions extracted during interrogations, where Khezrnejad allegedly confessed to “leading protests in Bukan and affiliating with anti-regime factions.” He has challenged the validity of these confessions.

His arrest followed a speech he gave at the funeral of Asa’ad Rahimi, a protestor killed by regime forces. The arrest also included a physical assault on Khezrnejad.

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