Iranian Teachers Protests Update: 230 Arrests during Last Two Months

Iranian Teachers Protests Update: 230 Arrests during Last Two Months

At least 230 teachers and teacher union activists have been arrested since early May, during the nationwide peaceful teachers’ protest. Additionally, at least 23 teachers have been summoned by security and judicial authorities. In some cases, the security forces used violence during the arrest, raided the teacher’s houses and conducted searches. 

During this period, active and retired teachers held protests on many occasions in different cities. During the protests, many teachers were beaten and several of them are detained and on hunger strike.

In late April, intelligence authorities began to summon and threaten teacher union activists. During Teacher Appreciation Week in Iran, active and retired teachers and educators held protests in front of the Ministry of Education in different cities. Their demands include the implementation of the “Job Ranking Plan” as passed in Iran’s parliament, closing the gap in pensions, free education for students, and a maximum class size of 16. 

Iran’s intelligence apparatus responded to widespread protests through arrests and the harassment of teacher union activists. At least 230 teachers have been arrested so far. In two protests in Tehran on April 21 and May 12, 70 protestors were arrested and taken to a detention facility, most of whom were released after a few hours. However, dozens of teachers are still in detention. In Saqqez, Kurdistan province, ten detained teacher union activists went on hunger strike in protest against their detention. 

The following is a list of detained teachers are verified by HRANA:

City Province Identified Arrests* Verified Releases Summoned by the security or judicial authorities
Tehran Tehran 29 3 1
Saqqez Kurdistan 25 10  
Shiraz Fars 20 5  
Yasuj Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad 15 7 2
Bushehr Bushehr 11 3  
Mariwan Kurdistan 10 4 3
Qazvin Qazvin 9 0  
Sanandaj Kurdistan 7 2 10
Rasht Gilan 7 5 5
Divandarreh Kurdistan 6 1  
Ahvaz Khuzestan4 4 4 5
Yazd Yazd 3 0  
Kerman Kerman 3 3  
Khomeynishahr Isfahan 3 3  
Jolfa East Azerbaijan 2 1  
Mashhad Razavi Khorasan 2 1  
Isfahan Isfahan 2 2  
Dashtiari Sistan and Baluchestan 1 0  
Khorramabad Lorestan 1 0  
Poldokhtar Lorestan 1 0  
Hamedan Hamedan 1 0  
Zaveh Razavi Khorasan 1 0  
Pasargad Fars 1 0  
Delfan Lorestan 1 0  
Aligudarz Lorestan 1 1  
Najafabad Isfahan 1 1  
Langerud Gilan 1 1 2
Sari Mazandaran 1 1  
Arak Markazi 1 1  
Abhar Zanjan 0 0 2
Kermanshah Kermanshah 0 0 2
Izeh Khuzestan 0 0 1

*The figures are limited to cases identified by HRANA and the actual numbers may be higher.



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