Issuing impossible bail and depriving of university exams for Abolfazl Abedini

HRANA News Agency– Officials issued 900 million tomans bail for Abolfazl Abedini’s medical furlough and prevented him to take his university exams.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), judiciary officials issued a 900 million tomans bail for Abolfazl Abedini Nasr’s medical furlough.
Abolfazl Abedini Nasr, the journalist and one of the ex-administrators of Human Rights Activists group in Iran who sentenced to 12 years imprisonment is suffering of heart disease and now that he granted for medical furlough the officials asked a 900 million tomans bail which is canceling the medical furlough practically.
He already passed 3 years of 12 years imprisonment and the officials in a rare act issued 100 million tomans bail for each year of left imprisonment period.
“Officials canceled his university exams and Abedini with 14 more prisoners deprived of taking the university exams”, one of his relatives said to HRANA reporter.
“The prison officials have not given any clarification about this decision which is illegal according to the internal regulations of prisons.”, He added.
Abolfazl Abedini sentenced to 11 years imprisonment in March 2010 by branch one of Ahwaz revolutionary court. His verdict delivered to his lawyer, Mohammad Oliaie Fard, and while he had two weeks to appeal it, in les than one week the branch 11 of provincial appealed confirmed the verdict.
The judiciary officials were not been satisfied by the verdict and in April 2011 by a new dossier sentenced Abolfazl Abedini to 1 year imprisonment on charge of propaganda against regime.
This human rights activist arrested at his home by invasion of more than armed security forces on March 1st of 2011 through the intelligence department scenario against human rights activists.
He has been tortured and traumatized during his detention in islamic revolutionary guards ward 2 and hospitalized at clinic of Evin prison many times as one of the consequences of tortures on him.

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