A Judicial and Intelligence Delegation Visits Urmia Prison

HRANA News Agency – On July 3, 2016, protection inspectors of Intelligence of Central Prison of Urmia visited political prisoners and spoke with them. During the meeting political prisoners called for the judiciary on behalf of Mr. Larijani to investigate judicial misconducts in their cases by expressing their problems.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), on July 3, 2016, protection inspectors of Ministry of Intelligence in Central Prison of Urmia, consisting of two representatives of Mr. Jahangir, head of General Administration of Prisons, showed up at Urmia prison and spoke with political prisoners.
Urmia Central Prison officials initially tried to lock the door of ward 12 of political prisoners to prevent them from having contact with the inspectors but it was made possible by the follow-up and calling the Intelligence of Security Administration by the prisoners.
Mr. Mohammadi, one of the investigators listened to the political prisoners in an interview which was described as “sincerely” by prisoners and noted their expressed problems to report to higher authorities.
In this discussion, political prisoner Kamal Hassan Ramadan spoke about being tortured and beaten by prison officials. Mostafa Davoudi, ill political prisoners in this ward provided his medical records and complained about lack of medical attention. Mohammad Abdollahi told about his hunger strike in solitary confinement and his “unjust” death sentence. Mr. Mostafapour spoke about his 26 and 16 years of imprisonments without furlough. Ahmad Tamoei and Mustafa Kakemame were among the other political prisoners who reported their problems.
The political prisoners had the same demand: A delegation from the judiciary on behalf of Mr. Larijani shall show up at ward 12 of Urmia prison to discuss similarly, and follow these problems and violations of their rights such as unfair and undocumented sentences and lake of furlough and denial of parole.

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