A Juvenile Offender Saved from the Gallows in Sanandaj

HRANA News Agency – Heiman Araminejad, juvenile offender who was held in Sanandaj prison, with forgiveness and consent of the next of kin at the gallows was saved from death. The people of Sanandaj put flowers on the victim’s grave in Behesht Mohammad cemetery in this city.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Heiman Araminejad, who had been accused of murder at the age of 17, escaped the corded, with the consent of the victim’s father and was forgiven on the eve of execution on January 1, 2017. 

Simin Chaichi, a social activist and member of the “people’s council of campaign for forgiveness”, who has had significant activity in this field, in an interview with HRANA’s reporter said: “In continuation of efforts by social activists for crime forgiveness, after a long time of activities and lobbying the third amnesty was conducted at the gallows in the city of Sanandaj.

Heiman Araminejad killed Poya Abulghasemi, 19, six years ago at the age of seventeen. During this period of time, a lot of efforts were made to obtain the consent of the victim’s father. In the meantime, the role of labor activists, trustees of the city, civil activists and friends of Poya’s family was dramatic and impressive”.

Ms. Chaichi clarified that: “People’s council of forgiveness campaign, such as other cases, played a prominent role in organizing these activities”.

The Council will soon formally announce its plans and is composed of the following members:

Simin Chaichi, Sohrab Jalali, Fayegh Tashan, Farokh Lagha Motamed Vaziri, Mozafar Salehnia, Mokhtar Zarei, Dalir Eskandari.

This member of the “People’s Council of forgiveness campaign” also mentioned that: “Poya Abolqasemi’s grieving father, despite the stress and grief of losing his only child, took the corded from Heiman Araminejad’s neck out”.

Finally she added: “The people of the city of Sanandaj put flowers on Poya’s grave at the Behesht Mohammad cemetery in this city”.

Heiman Araminejad, born in April 1994, was charged of killing another teenager during a clash in the city of Sanandaj in March 2011.

Earlier, a source close to this prisoner had told the news agency: “While Heiman was younger than 18 years old, his intellectual development was confirmed with just a few simple questions by the forensic and he was not sent for any other specialized tests. The Supreme Court approved the death sentence and currently the ruling is in the law-enforcement office in the prison and every day there is the possibility of transferring him to execution”.

In accordance with Article 91 of the Penal Code, when any person younger than eighteen years old, does not understand the nature of the crime or its respect, or there is an uncertainty in the development and perfection of his minds, he cannot be sentenced to death.

Not long ago, the death penalty of Siavosh Mahmoodi, other juvenile offender in Sanandaj prison, was reduced to 5 years imprisonment and payment of the blood money by the Supreme Court.

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