Koroush Jalil Detained by the Ministry of Intelligence

Koroush Jalil Detained by the Ministry of Intelligence

On May 24, 2024, Koroush Jalil was detained by security forces and taken to an undisclosed location, according to a source close to his family.

Confirming Jalil’s arrest, a source close to his family informed HRANA that the Ministry of Intelligence is responsible for his arrest.

Jalil previously faced arrest on May 12, 2022, in connection with a protest organized by working and retired teachers and educators in Yasuj. After being formally charged, he was temporarily released on bail.

In February 2024, Jalil was again implicated in legal issues, facing multiple charges including “propaganda against the regime through activities on Instagram,” “inciting violence by calling for protests and causing unrest via social media posts,” “insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” and “blasphemy, which includes derogatory comments about the Quran, Kaaba, the Islamic prophet, and Shia Imams.”

In March of the same year, the Revolutionary Court of Yasuj convened to address these allegations against Jalil and five other co-defendants.

Jalil, a 43-year-old resident of Yasuj, has previously encountered law enforcement and undergone prior arrest due to his activism.

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