Kosha Will Be Executed in Public Tomorrow

HRANA News Agency – The defense attorney for a young man sentenced to death has announced that his client will be executed early tomorrow morning.Kosha is a university student who has been convicted of murdering his classmate, Mahsa, on July 6, 2011 when she left Allameh Tabatabai University.Since the crime occurred on Tehran’s Modiriat Bridge, this murder is often referred to as “Modiriat Bridge Murder.”

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mr. Aghasi, Kosha’s defense attorney, said, “On Monday morning, when I went to the Criminal Court in Tehran, the head of the Enforcement Unit tasked to carry out verdicts informed me that the retribution sentence against my client would be performed early tomorrow morning.”

In answer to the question whether Kosha and his family are aware of what will happen tomorrow, Mr. Aghasi answered, “Surely Kosha will know because prison officials must perform the necessary tasks to prepare a prisoner for execution.However, as far as the family is concerned, I prefer not to be the one who carries the bad news to them.”

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