A Kurdish prisoner receives death sentence

HRANA News Agency – The supreme court has confirmed the death sentence of a political Kurd prisoner and he is at the danger of imminent execution.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mansur Azvand’s , the Kurdish political prisoner who is kept in ward 12 of Uremia central prison, death sentence was confirmed by the supreme court and was sent to him in prison.
Mansur Azvand from Mahabad Kurds was arrested in June 2011 at his home on charge of cooperation with one of the dissident Kurdish opposition parties. In September 2011, he was sentenced to death by branch 1 of the revolutionary court in Mahabad.
The prisoner’s brother told the HRANA ‘s reporter: “last week, our father was summoned to the security and was threatened by the intelligence agents who were telling that they are going to execute Mansur.”
“The supreme court has confirmed my brothers’ death sentence for the 3rd time now.” He said.

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