Kurdistan Bazaars Sealed and Owners Summoned and Threatened

HRANA – Several members of Bazaars across Kurdistan have been summoned and threatened by government authorities and the businesses of some others have been sealed. 

Following the general strike of a group of business owners in Bazaars across Kurdistan in protest to the execution of four Kurdish activists on May 9th. after the news of execution of four Kurd political activists, some business owners in various Kurdish cities have been summoned to the office of the Intelligence Ministry, while some others have had their businesses sealed by the Real Estate Office.

In recent days, HRANA reporters have received numerous reports about official threatening of business owners who actively participated in the general strike in Kurdistan, and in some cases, the Real Estate Office has shut down the participants’ businesses.

In the last case recorded by HRANA reporters, the Real Estate Office of the city of Marivan has sealed some of the stores in the city and has asked the owners to report to the Investigation Unit of the Intelligence Office of the city of Marivan on Thursday for questioning.

HRANA reporters have also received reports of threats and summons of businesses in Sanandaj, Kamyaran, Mahabad, and other cities in Kurdistan.

It should be noted that on May 13, 2010, many cities in the State of Kurdistan went on a general strike and closed their businesses to protest the execution of four Kurdish activists.


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