The Latest Reports about Saman Nassem’s Situation

HRANA News Agency – Saman Naseem, a prisoner in Central Prison of Urmia who was arrested when he was 17, and was sentenced to death on charge of combat against God, was examined for medical purposes. His lawyer and family say that his death sentence is going to be carried out on 19th February.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Saman Naseem, who will be executed on 19th February based on what his lawyer and family say, is held now in Hall 12 of Central Prison of Urmia (Darya).
An informed source regarding his latest condition, told HRANA’s reporter, “Saman Naseem’s Lawyer has requested the Supreme Court, last Saturday, to stop his execution but it is not known what response will be given to this request. Saman Naseem’s lawyer had not have permission to study his case at Law-Enforcement office, from long ago.”
This source added, “During the last week, a doctor in Central Prison of Urmia, examined Saman Naseem, without any explanation. We believe this examination was for determining his age at the time of arrest, so we hope that the authorities want to stop the execution or this is a medical examination before execution.”
It is to say, Saman Naseem, born on 20th September 1994, at the time of arrest (17th July 2011) was 17 years old.
Saman Naseem was sentenced to death by appeal Court of West Azerbaijan Province, on 27th April 2013, with the charge of Combat against the God through membership in PJAK and his sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court.

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