Latif Hasani transferred to political prisoners’ section

Posted on: 18th July, 2014
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  • Editor: Human
  • Translator: Sohrab
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Ayat Mehrali Baigloo

HRANA News Agency – Latif Hasani, the political prisoner of Rajai Shahr prison of Karaj transferred to ward 4 in hall number 12, which is dedicated to political prisoners.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Latif Hasani who had recently ended his hunger strike has been transferred from ward number 1 in hall 2 to ward 4 in hall 12.

He ended his hunger strike four days ago, and after 52 days. One of his demands was being transferred to political prisoners’ ward.

His wife told HRANA’s reporter, “despite the end of hunger strike, the condition of Latif Hasani is still critical as consequence of long strike”.

Latif Hasani was arrested along with Mahmoud Fazli, Shahram Radmehr, Ayat Mehrali Baigloo and Behbood Gholizadeh last march.

These five people, who are members of the central committee of Yeni Gamoh group have been  sentenced to 9 years in prison.