At Least 3 Prisoners Executed in Ghezelhesar Prison

HRANA News Agency – Three prisoners, who had been charged with drug related crimes, were executed in Ghezalhesar prison, in Karaj. Five other prisoners also had been executed in Karaj and Qazvin, the day before.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the death penalty of three drug offenders were executed in Ghezalhesar prison in Karaj on January 4, 2017.

These prisoners had been transferred to solitary confinements on January 2.

A close source the families of these prisoners, told HRANA’s reporter: “The day before they had a visit with their families, but they were not told that they would be executed soon. However they were executed the next morning.”

Khashyar Behroozi, 60, Mehdi Kawosi, 32, and Anoush Balouch are the identities of these prisoners.

Anoush Balouch and Khashayar Behroozi were executed in a common case on charge of “possessing and carrying 1100 KG opium”, and Mehdi Kawosi was executed on charge of “possessing and carrying 8 or 10 KG methamphetamine.”

Harif (Sadegh) Gholami, another prisoner, who was supposed to be transferred for execution, along with those three, attempted to kill another prisoner with the purpose of postponing his execution.

He is now held in the Great Tehran prison and the officials have given him ultimatum that they were not going to accept this kind of manner and they would execute him by the end of hearing, even if they had to pay blood money from the treasury.

It is noteworthy that recently, at least four prisoners were hanged at the central prison of Karaj on charge of drug-trafficking. On the other hand was executed on charge of murder in Qazvin prison.

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