At Least 5 Prisoners Hanged in Ghezel Hesar Prison

HRANA News Agency – At Least 5 prisoners have been executed in Ghezelhesar Prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the death sentences of at least 5 prisoners with drug related charges who had been transferred to solitary confinement, has been performed, on Wednesday June 10.

A member of Reza Kargari’s family, one of the executed prisoners, told HRANA’s reporter, “I saw five families who came to collect the bodies, but it could be that more families might had come earlier”.

He said about the condition of the family of Reza Kargari, “Reza is executed for 700gr drugs, which was not even acquired from him. It took seven years to issue the sentence. We are not against the punishment, but if there was a proper processing, it would not be death sentence. He had two 9 and 15-year-old daughters who have now lost their father. The whole family is in turmoil now. We really tried hard, but could find no help”.

Besides Reza Kargari, some other prisoners have been executed, too but the exact number is not known to HRANA. The names of the prisoners who were transferred to solitary confinement is as follows:

Hasan Noormohammadi, Gholamreza Soltani, Ali AFshari, Hossain Alemi, Reza Kargari, Reza Mansouri, Mohammad Jannati, Behrooz Karami, Hasan Noormohammadi, Reza Noormohammadi (20 years old), Parviz Naderi, Jasem Vaisi, Salar Mahmoodzadeh and Mostafa Koohi.

HRANA’s sources reported about the execution of some prisoners in Adel Abad prison in Shiraz, too.

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