The List Of 39 Political Prisoners In Zahedan Central Prison

HRANA News Agency – The following list is the name of 39 prisoners who are being kept in Zahedan prison with different charges like acts against the national security.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the majority of these prisoners who are in prison without the final court sentence, were deprived from having lawyer on different stages of interrogations and court processing and were under pressure for confession. Besides, the judiciary is not informing the public transparently about their situation.
The names that have been provided to HRANA and will be completed throughout the time are as following:

  1. Aidook Sheh Bakhsh (son of Mohammad Shah)
  2. Abulghani Sheh (son of Dadshah)
  3. Jalaloddin Esmail Zehi (son of Allah Yar)
  4. Khodarahm Sheh Bakhsh (son of Dadkhoda)
  5. Nasir Mohammad Zamanipoor (son of Mohammaad Noor)
  6. Zobair Hoot (son of Hendook)
  7. Abdulkhalegh Jafadar (son of Khodarahm)
  8. Shoa`ib Mollazehi (son of Azad)
  9. Abdulvahed Shahnavazi Keh Molaviyeh (son ofJamshid)
  10. Doostin Baluch (son of Mousa)
  11. Abed Bampoori (son ofMoradbakhsh)
  12. Ataollah Hoot (son of Ali)
  13. Abdolbaset Hoot (son of Abdulkarim)
  14. Abdulhamid Kiahzehi (son of Mehrab)
  15. Bashir Balideh (son of Abdullatif)
  16. Hamid Raeisi (son of Fazlorahman)
  17. Hasan Dehvari (son of Abdullah)
  18. Elyas Andazehi (son of Khodadad)
  19. Edris Balideh (son ofAbdulatif)
  20. Noor Mohammad Nouhani (son of Bahador)
  21. Abubakr Bahramzehi (son ofAhmad)
  22. Abubakr Mullazehi (son of Moradbakhsh)
  23. Davood Bahramzehi (son ofDadmohammad)
  24. Abdulsatar Bahramzehi (son of Yarmohamad
  25. Mohammad Amer Bahramzehi (son of Mohammad)
  26. Ariz Sadeghi (son of Hasehm)
  27. Janmohammad Bari (son of Karim Bakhsh)
  28. Mohammad Azim Jalaei (son of Jalal)
  29. Ershad Baluchzehi (son of Zahir)
  30. Pibakhsh Khoram (son of Navazan)
  31. Dadrahim Baluch (son of Abdulrahman)
  32. Moslem Dehvari (son of Yaghoub)
  33. Nasir Ahmad Baluch (son of Moradbakhsh)
  34. Ali Nazarshehbakhsh (son of Mohammad Karim)
  35. Nasir Barjask (son of Abdullatif)
  36. Hekmatollah Shehbakhsh (son of Mohammad Karim)
  37. Monir Ahmad Askani (son of Abdulrashid)
  38. Mohammah Eisa Shirzehi (son of Abdulrashid)
  39. Javid Dehghan Khordeh (son of Mohammad Karim)

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