Majid Tavakoli Has Lost Ability to Speak Due to Hunger Strike

HRANA – Majid Tavakoli’s condition has rapidly deteriorated during the fifth day of his hunger strike in Ward 240 of Evin prison, so much so that he has lost his ability to speak due to avoiding water.

His brother, Ali Tavakoli, has informed HRA News Agency that due to acute asthma, dehydration over the past five days has led to Majid losing his ability to utter words.
Ali Tavakoli added that Majid is also suffering from bleeding stomach ulcers due his hunger strike. The Tavakoli’s have received word from one of Majid’s friends in prison that he has been transferred to the prison clinic.
Majid Tavakoli’s mother went on a parallel hunger strike on Sunday in solidarity with her son and her physical condition has also deteriorated. Mrs. Tavakoli has also not yet fully recovered from the psychological trauma she suffered three years ago after Majid’s first arrest, due to continued pressures on her family.
The Tavakoli’s expressed their regret about the failure of the authorities to respond to this situation and said: “we don’t know why the authorities treat Majid with such enmity.”

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