Majid Tavakoli Suffering from Severe Bleeding in the Stomach

HRANA- Imprisoned student activist Majid Tavakoli is suffering from severe internal bleeding in his stomach. His health is in a critical state and authorities have not transferred Majid to the hospital.

Mr. Tavakoli was recently transferred to ward 350 of Evin Prison where there are no medical facilities. He has been suffering from a severe cough that is not being treated, causing his condition to deteriorate.

In addition, over the last week he has suffered from repeated bleeding from his nose. However, prison authorities have not responded to demands to treat this political prisoner by the other prisoners.

In a brief interview with HRANA, Ali Tavakoli reported his brother’s condition as very critical. He said that his brother’s lung problems are due to poor conditions and his hunger strike after being transferred to solitary confinement in ward 250.

Mr. Tavakoli’s mother called her imprisoned son’s condition poor after a thirty second telephone conversation with him. Majid informed his mother that he may not be able to contact her in the near future.

Construction in ward 350 of the prison and being forced to sleep in the hallways due to over crowded cells are also believed to be factors contributing to Mr. Tavakoli’s  health problems. Poor sanitary conditions, non-access to timely medical treatment, low quality of food, and water and gas shortages have also been blamed for the condition of prisoners in the ward. In recent weeks, there have been news reports of detainees being forced into labor because of construction in the prison.

Majid Tavakoli, is a student at Tehran’s Polytechnic University studying shipbuilding. He was detained last December and is serving an eight and a half year prison term.


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