Marjan Davari’s Case Sent to the Supreme Court

HRANA News Agency – The case of Marjan Davari, a researcher and translator imprisoned at Rey Penitentiary (Qarchak Women’s Prison), who has been sentenced to death by accusations including membership in the newly-formed Sufist movement of Eckankar, after her objection in recent couple of weeks has been referred to Branch 47 of the Supreme Court.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the case of Marjan Davari, a researcher and translator who has been sentenced to death, has been referred to the Supreme Court and is awaiting the appointment. One of this prisoner’s lawyers, in a conversation with HRANA’s reporter confirmed this news and expressed his optimism about the outcome of the appeal to the Supreme Court. 

It is also said that the prisoner’s request to return to the Women’s Ward of Evin Prison has been approved and this transfer will be done soon.

Her mother had told in an interview with HRANA’s reporter that: “My daughter was supposed to be acquitted, but I do not know what happened in the meantime. It’s a surprise to me. Why? Marjan is a genius. She is an author and translator. They can use much of it. I said to Mr. Salavat, “Do not let she be wasted.” But she was sent to Qarchak Prison from Evin Prison. I am so sad, as a mother. I hope the Supreme Court will revise this ruling. Not just my child, the other kids should not go on the stool. (Not to be hung)”

Ms. Davari finished elementary school in UK and after returning to Iran, in international Partian school. She received English translation diploma when she was 13 and continued her studies in Al-Zahra University in graphic and painting, in addition to research and translation in inner-science, eastern and western ontology.

Her published translated works include Talons of Time of Paul Twitchell, The Seeker of Phil Morimitsu and The Spiritual Exercises of ECK of Harold Klemp.

She concentrated solely on inner-science and eastern ontology and worked as one of the researchers in research and studies of meta-physics institute. In addition, she started publishing translation of books in Eshraghi school of thought in 2010.

Eckankar is a new spiritual movement that was funded in USA in 1965.

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