Masumeh Yavari One Step Away from the Gallows


April 28, 2010


HRA News Agency – Issuing death sentences for those charged with “Waging War against God” for disputing the election results is one of the methods used by the judges of the Revolutionary Courts to intimidate the public.

According to HRANA, Masumeh Yavari, who is among those who have disputed the election results, is one of the individuals who has received a death sentence. She had access to her attorney only on the first day of her trial.

Illegal trials, arbitrary detainments, issuing court rulings behind closed doors, and conducting show trials in breach of the customary and appropriate judicial procedure are among the most prevalent methods, which continue to be used at the Revolutionary Courts to this day.
Masumeh Yavari is one of the victims of such trials. Mohammad Seif Zadeh, her attorney, says the following in this regard, “Ms. Yavari’s trial will be conducted on May 5th, and the prosecutor has asked for a death sentence against her.
In an interview with HRANA, he adds, “I had not met my client until the first trial. She has been deprived of her right to an attorney to this day.
This trial lawyer points out that Ms. Yavari has remained in detention for over six months, and adds, “Brach 28 of the Revolutionary Court, administered by Judge Moghiseh, is in charge of Masumeh Yavari’s case.”

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