Mazandaran Paddy Fields Running Dry

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) – Valuja is a village located 24 miles away from Sari, the capital of the Mazandaran province. This northern Iranian province is known for its humid and rainy weather. During the past years, the villagers have had the right to a share of the water from Nakarod River and were able to collect surface water for agricultural and fish farm usages through dike construction that could supply water for lands as big as 172 to 247 acres.

Villagers and local committees previously managed the consumption of the dikes’ water storage. However, because of the decrease in rainfall, reduction of the dam’s water supply and the lack of enforcement by Mazandaran’s provincial water management of the villagers’ right to a share of the water, 2,471 acres of agricultural soil has turned into arid lands and 617 acres of paddy fields have dried up.

Photos published by state-run Tasnim News Agency:

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