Meat Factory in Ziaran Was Closed

HRANA News Agency – The executive chairman of the Labor House in Qazvin Province has announced the closure of the meat factory in the city of Ziaran.

In an interview with ILNA New Agency, Ayd-Ali Karimi said, “They aren’t motivated to increase production or create jobs, but they have all the required resources to pay over $4,000,000 to workers in order to buy back their contracts.”

Pointing out that there are about 110 workers employed at the meat factory in Ziaran, Ayd-Ali Karimi added, “The Privatization Organization that owns the meat factory has bought back the contracts of ninety eight workers and laid off 12 workers who refused to agree with the buyout.”

By pointing out that the Labor Organization of Qazvin has watched while workers have been laid off and dismissed, the executive chairman of the Labor House in Qazvin Province reminded everyone, “The factory has all the necessary and required conditions to continue work.However, the company isn’t determined to do so apparently.”

At the end, Ayd-Ali Karimi said, “Meat factory workers were all permanent laborers with 15-25 years of experience.”


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