Mehdi Koukhian is in a critical health condition

HRANA News Agency – Mehdi Koukhian is in a critical health condition and the authorities are denying  transferring him to hospital.
Naghi Mahmoudi the lawyer and human rights activist said to HRANA: “Mehdi Koukhian who was arrested on April 24, 2013 in Malekan and tortured by IRGC’s intelligence agents, is in critical health condition.”
“A few days ago Malekan prosecutor met Mehdi Koukhian in Maragheh prison and talk to him around his accusations. Mehdi has been informed about two accusations of Propaganda against Islamic Republic regime and membership in pan-Turk groups in his new dossier.” Mahmoudi continued.
“The second accusation to Mehdi Koukhian has no legal status because pan-Turkism could be considered as an ideology or believe but could not be considered as a group or political foundation. During the meeting Koukhian asked the prosecutor to transfer him to hospital for medical treatments for his kidney disease but his request was rejected by the prosecutor, while Koukhian’s kidney disease relapsed and his arm has broken that even with partial recovery still the bruise is so clear. Koukhian’s dossier will be sent from Malekan criminal and revolutionary court to Maragheh revolutionary court after issuing the indictment and in the next few days the trial session to investigate the accusations on this Azerbayejani activist will be held. Also Ja’far Afsharnia will be Koukhian’s lawyer.” Naghi Mahmoudi said.

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