Mehdi Mahmoudian Transferred to Solitary Confinement in Rajai Shahr Prison


HRANA News Agency – Mehdi Mahmoudian, an imprisoned journalist in Rajai Shahr prison, have been transferred to solitary confinement after publishing a letter detailing the ongoing human tragedies occurring in this prison.


According to a report by Jaras News, on Wednesday, Mehdi Mahmoudian was transferred from the special ward housing political prisoners to the solitary confinement.  Additionally, Jaras sources have reported that Mehdi Mahmoudian’s family has been banned from seeing him.

On Thursday, Mehdi Mahmoudian’s parents went to Rajai Shahr prison but were not allowed to see their son.  In his letter, Mehdi Mahmoudian had predicted that after the publication of his letter disclosing the dire conditions in Rajai Shahr prison, the pressure on him would increase.







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