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Mohammad-Ali Taheri On The 20th Day Of Hunger Strike

Posted on: 19th February, 2016
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Mohammad Ali Taheri

HRANA News Agency – Concerns rise over the health of Mohammad-Ali Taheri, the founder of the Interuniversal Mysticism (Erfan-e Halghe), on the 20th day of his hunger strike. According to one of his lawyers and his mother, he has been on hunger strike ever since the January 30th, in protest against prevention of his freedom on the supposed date despite the quashing of his death sentence.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on 2nd February, Mohammad-Ali Taheri in a visit with one of his lawyers at Evin Prison, has mentioned because of “things he has been told and the way he has been treated” he had gone on hunger strike. 

According to HRANA’s sources, since 7th February and prevention of his freedom on the supposed date, Mr. Taheri has continued his hunger strike in a more serious state as a dry hunger strike, and with reaching critical health conditions he has been transferred to a hospital outside of the prison.

On 10th February, the 11th day of the hunger strike, Mr. Taheri has been brought back to the Evin Prison, while still keeping his hunger strike.

In December, branch number 33 of the Supreme Court quashed Mohammad Ali Taheri’s death sentence and returned his case to branch number 26 of the Revolutionary Court to order further investigations.

Alizade Tabatabai, one of the lawyers of Mr. Taheri, had hopped for the freedom of his client as supposed on the 7th February, considering the quashing of the death sentence and absence of a Custody Extension order.

While some of Mr. Taheri’s followers had gathered in front of his house and the prison, the authorities refused to release Mr. Taheri on the supposed date.

A group of his followers who on the 13th day of his hunger strike and in his support, had gone on hunger strike and had staged a sit-in at the tomb of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, have been arrested.

On 4th May 2011, Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of Interuniversal Mysticism in Iran (Erfan-e Halghe), has been arrested and sentenced by the revolutionary court to 5 years of imprisonment, 900 million Tomans in Fines, and 74 lashes, for “blasphemy”, “illicit acts and illegitimate relations”, “interfering unlawfully in medical science”, “earning illegitimate funds”, and “false use of academic titles Doctor and Engineer”.

“Corruption on earth” is another charge against Mr. Taheri which was questioned by the court and sent back to the Prosecutor’s Office for farther research. The Prosecutor’s Office after completing the dossier, sent the case back to the court and the court chose February 25, 2015 for the trial. But with the request of the defendant the trial was postponed. Eventually the trial was held in early May 2015 and a sentence was issued.

With the objection of the defendant to the sentence it was sent to branch number 33 of the Supreme Court for review and was quashed.

The judicial system of Iran, for years now has been confronting with spiritual groups incompatible with traditional concepts of Islam, and have been pursuing and oppressing many of the leaders and followers of these spiritual groups.

These kinds of spiritual groups are mentioned as “False Mysticism” or “Emerging Mysticism” by the Islamic Republic of Iran.