Mohammad Amin Agoushi Released From Zahedan Prison

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Amin Agoushi was released from Central Zahedan Prison after the remaining of his sentence had been pardoned. This prisoner was arrested in 2007, and had lost his wife and daughter during his imprisonment.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the 2 remaining years of Mohammad Amin Agoushi’s imprisonment has been pardoned on the anniversary of the victory of the Iranian Revolution (11th February) and on February 16th he was released from the prison.
On June 30th, Mr. Agoushi who had previously lost his wife while away in prison, by receiving an unexpected furlough, came to know that his daughter had committed suicide due to psychological issues, and he would be receiving her body at the medicolegal of Iran-Shahr.
Mr. Aghoushi have mentioned, due to the absence of a father and the loss of her mother his daughter had struggled with psychological and financial issues, which at the end led her into depression, and yet she had kept that hidden from her imprisoned father. She previously had a failed suicide attempt as well, which her father did not know about.
Mohammad Amin Agoushi, Iraj Mohammadi and Ahmad Pouladkhani from Piran-Shahr were arrested in 2007 and charged with “espionage for Kurdish Regional Government” and “Moharebe (waging war against God) trough cooperation with the opposition groups”.
After enduring 7 months of solitary confinement Mr. Agoushi was transferred to Oroumieh Centeral Prison, then he was tried at the 2nd Branch of the Military Court (Judicial Organization of the Armed Forces) and was sentenced to death by firing squad.
This sentence was confirmed by branch number 33 of the Supreme Court, however the case was reopened and referred to the 1st Branch of the Military Court which quashed the dead sentence, and Mr. Agoushi along with the other two convicts were instead sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment and exile to the Zahedan Prison.

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