Mohammad Amin Agoushi Transferred To The Quarantine Of Zahedan Prison

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Amin Agoushi has been transferred to quarantine ward of Zahedan prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammad Amin Agoushi, political prisoner of Zahedan prison, was transferred last Wednesday from normal ward to quarantine for an unknown reason. This happened after he was interrogated by prison’s security regarding his interviews about his daughter’s suicide.
This prisoner after an unexpected furlough, in which his daughter had suicide and he had to go to Piranshahr’s forensic for collecting the corps, in an interview with HRANA stated mental stress and difficulties caused by his imprisonment as the reason of this suicide.
Mr. Agoushi said, “I have been in prison for some years and my wife died after being in coma for about a month. All the time my daughter was hospitalizing her. Nowadays children with presence of parents has issues, what could be expected from a lonely young girl that her father is in prison and lost her mother”.
According to Mr.Agoushi, his daughter after the death of her mother and financial problems caused by the absence of father, was diagnosed with mental problems and depression, but has hided it from him. She even had an unsuccessful suicide attempt that he was not aware of it.
Mohammad Amin Agoushi, along with Iraj Mohammadi and Ahmad Pooladkhani from Piranshahr, was arrested and charged with espionage in favor of Kurdistan regime and colluding with opposition groups in 2007.
After 7 months in solitary confinement, he was transferred to Uremia prison and after being tried in branch number 2 of military court, he was sentenced to death by fire scud.
This sentence was confirmed in the Supreme Court, but again the file processed and was referred to branch number one of military court, in which he along with two others defendants were sentenced to ten years in prison and exile to Zahedan.

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