Mohammad Mahdavifar Released from Central Prison of Isfahan

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Mahdavifar, a poetfrom Aran and Bidgol was released from the central prison of Isfahan after 45 days of detention in solitary confinement. He had been arrested by Intelligence officers.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Mahdavifar was released from Isfahan prison after 45 days of detention in solitary confinement on Wednesday November 2.
Mr. Mahdavifar was arrested at his house by Intelligence Officers and was transferred to the solitary confinement of Ministry of Intelligence.
A close source to this artist in a conversation with a reporter of HRANA announced that he was unaware of the reasons and potential charges against him and said: “We just know that probably, his Telegram account was hacked a few days before by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”
It should be reminded that Mohamamd Mahdavifar was interrogated by Branch two of Investigation of Arran and Bidgol (on behalf of the parallel investigative branch of Kashan) after writing a 32-bit Masnavi called “Alphabet” and reading it in literary societies in Kashan, in 2014.
Mr. Mahdavifar was tried in Branch 105 of the Criminal Justice Court in Kashan, and was sentenced to one and a half year imprisonment on charge of “spreading lies”.
Finally, Branch 23 of the Court of Appeal, presided by Hamid Reza Amani, reduced his sentence to 10 months, by amending his charge to “propaganda against regime”, and due to “paragraph (b) of Article 3 of the law”, converted his imprisonment sentence to 30 million IRR fine.

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