Mohammad Mehdi Nekounam Arrested in Qom

HRANA News Agency – Security forces went to house of Mohammad Mehdi Nekounam, son of Ayatullah Nekounam, critical cleric, and inspected the house and arrested him on October 27, 2017.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), security forces from Special Clerical Court in Qom inspected the house and seized some properties and arrested Mohammad Mehdi Nekounam.

The security forces inspected the house and seized all the electronic-communication devices such as cell phones and laptops without providing an arrest warrant.

No information is available on the reasons of the arrest and the fate of Mohammad Mehdi Nekounam after the arrest.

The detained cleric is son of Ayatullah Mohammad Reza Nekounam who is currently in Qom prisons. Mohammad Mehdi Nekounam had been detained for some time in 2015, too.

Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam, a critical critical born in 1948, was arrested after a critical remark on January 1, 2014, rejecting “Internet filtering and calling the high-speed internet as ill-gotten” following the complaint by some of the influential clergymen.

Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekonam, Shiite Marja and dissident cleric, was held in Qom prison with a sentence of 5 years imprisonment.

He suffered a stroke in jail and suffering from increased blood pressure and glucose with reduced eye-sight as a consequence of his medical condition. However, authorities in this prison have prevented him from receiving his medications.

HRANA had published the relevant documents about this Shia Cleric, his medical condition and his case, in a detailed report.

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