Mohammad Pourshajari under the pressure of security forces

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Pourshajari (Siamak Mehr) 52-year-old blogger, who was arrested again just 38 days after being released, on Tuesday 30th September, is under pressure by the security forces.
Mitra Pourshajari, his daughter told HRANA’s reporter: “38 days after being released, on 29th September he was arrested and detained in an unknown location for one month. Just recently, he contacted me and informed me that he was arrested in one of the border cities by 4 armed Intelligence service agents, threatening to shoot him and at first fourteen days he was held in Intelligence service cell detention under long time interrogations and mental torture while he was blindfolded, handcuffed and repeatedly has been threatened with death by his interrogator.”
Miss Pourshajari added: “After 14 days, my father was transferred to Karaj with shackles and then for 15 days he was held in solitary confinement in ward 8 of the Revolutionary Guard in Rajai Shahr Prison under intense interrogation and psychological pressure and threat. Later, he was sent to Hall 7 of Karaj Central prison room number 10, while he is waiting for his trail.”
Regarding Mr. Pourshajari’s charges, she added: “During about one month of solitary confinement and interrogation, charges such as: acting against national security and propaganda against the regime, attempt illegally leave the country, contact with Ahmad Shaheed and giving him information, contact with the counterrevolutionary organizations and individuals and communicating with Zionist organizations and individuals, has raised.”
“Also, during the time that my father was in Uromieh Intelligence detention, he was taken to the branch 9 of Revolutionary Court in Uromieh Where the Assistant Prosecutor, Khoda-dadi, explained his charges and then referred his case to the Branch 12 of Karaj Revolutionary court for handling his charge of propaganda against the Regime.” Mitra Pourshajari added.
At the end she added: “they made him write a biography of Ahmad Shaheed and they said Ahmad Shasheed is against the Islamic Republic of Iran and his activities are not in support of Human Rights and it seems that he wants to overthrow the Iranian Regime, they also accused my father with cooperation and transferring information to him.”
Mr. Pourshajari aka Siamak Mehr, 54-year-old blogger who in 2010 due to the insertion of his ideas and opinions in his personal blog, by the judicial system of the Islamic Republic of Iran with accusation of “acting against national security”, “blasphemy” and “insulting the Supreme Leader,” was sentenced to four years and was recently released from prison.

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