Monthly Report On The Human Rights Situation in July-August, 2015

HRANA News Agency – The Department of Statistics and Publications of the Human Rights Activists Association of Iran has published the following monthly report on the human rights situation in Iran during the period of July-August, 2015 (Persian calendar month of Mordad, 1394). This report cannot perfectly and comprehensively reflect the details of human rights concerns in Iran for obvious reasons including the existing governmental limitations and ban on the free exchange of information. It should be emphasized that in addition to the monthly reports, the Department of Statistics and Publications of the Human Rights Activists Association of Iran publishes a comprehensive and analytical annual report at the end of each year.

An Analytical and Statistical Report on the Human Rights Situation in July-August, 2015

The systematic human rights violation in Iran continued throughout the month of Mordad. The first week of this month started by the execution of 22 people in cities of Ilam, Karaj (QezelHessar), Karaj Central Prison and Shahab Kerman Prison to be mark of omen of this month and for Iran’s Human Right society.  Unfortunately many prisoner executed during Mordad1394 .of the boldest reports of this month, the public execution of 3 people in Karaj. One individual in Eghlid and 3 prisoners in Rafsanjan stand out and the majority of these executions were made without the suitable media coverage .one of the most important and controversial reports was the execution of Sirvan Nejaviz , a political prisoner at Tabriz Prison.

In the month of Mordad 94 along with all executions, there have been several pardons for death row prisoners. Of such, the pardon of death row prisoner after 12 years of imprisonment can be mentioned.

In the report of “Ahmad Shahid” the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human rights in Iran, he asked Iranian officials to urgently prevent the recent death sentence given to “Mohammd Ali Taheri” the founder of Interuniversalism Mysticism- “Erfane Halgheh”.

In addition, in a statement, International Amnesty warned about the possible execution of “Salar Shadi Zadeh” and asked Iranian Officials to prevent this.

The ongoing violation of basic rights of religious minorities continued during this month with the news about the arrest and uncertainty of 3 dissidents. According to this news 3 dissidents “Payman Fathi”, “Morteza Salimi” and “Amir Reza Alamsian” were arrested on 7th August at 23:30 in Karaj- Mehr Shahr.

In the same domain, Bahai Citizens were subject to violation of their rights and there were reports on writing mottos on the walls and hate speech against Bahais.

Pressure and torments continued on dissidents based on the reports of arrest of several newly converted Christians in Karaj. At least 8 members of a home church have been arrested in Karaj by security officials of Islamic Republic of Iran. Conditions of Priest “Saeed Abedini” who is kept at Gohardasht Prison in Karaj is still concerning.

In the domain of child labour, there were reports during this month such as the death of rough sleeping child who was ran over by a car. A university lecturer at Kurdistan University and specialist in this domain claimed that 37% of those injured by land mines explosions in Kurdistan are under 15 years old.

In the domain of women right in Iran just like the previous month that no serious action was taken by the government to execute the equality policy, Iranian women witnessed violation of their rights on several occasional such as increase in the number of rough sleepers attending treatment and rehabilitation centres, passing of a law to put fine for lose Hijab of car passengers.

News and reports about labour and workers in the month of Mordad were as before , high in number of ailments leading to death caused by work have been announced 12  times of physical incidents and in this regards 68 cases have been referred to pathology centres in Tehran during the first 3 month of this year .

In addition, summoning of “Mahmoud Salehi” and “Koroush Bakhshande” – two workers activists – to the court and the arrest and transfer of “Aram Zandi” and “Foad Zandi” to the Sanandaj Central Prison were among such reports.

In the area of Unions rights, this month was not incident free.  The arrest of “ Ali Piroz “ a member of Board of Directors of Teachers Union in Karaj and the arrest of a Surgeon on the charge of Insulting a government official and the protest of her colleagues for that matter were among the boldest published reports.

Guilty verdict for the “Basij” News Agency, Complaint of the “Rastakhiz” cast from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance due to the screening of this movie, arrest of a women who carried out “Ghame Zani” and the ban on the “9th of Dey” weekly were some of the reports published in the domain of culture during the month of Mordad.

In the domain of Hygiene and Environment, most of published reports of this month were about drought and critical condition of environment in Iran  such as the demolition of 70% of “Hrara” protected forest, outbreak of Cancer due to the drought of “ Oroumiyeh “ Lake , diagnosis of 164 Malaria cases because of drinking contaminated water in Sistan and Balouchestan . In addition, it was reported that the “Maharloo” lake in Shiraz is completely dried out and now the lake bed has turned into a swamp.

Specific Attention to the Violation of Human Rights

In this section of this monthly report, the most controversial and publicly sensitive cases of violations of human rights in Iran are highlighted. It is obvious that more attention does not necessarily mean that it is a measure of the magnitude of the violations of human rights in that specific category.

Of special reports from this month we can mention the arrest of a Afghan youngster on the charge of insulting the supreme leader and ban on theatre due to the cloths worn by its cast. Also the self – immolation of an employee of City Hall in Mallard due to unpaid salary and summoning of “Nasreen Sotoudeh” to the Evin Court were among the most noted reports.

The least underlined human rights violations

In contrast to the reports indicated in the previous section, many human rights reports received little or no attention from social media, bloggers, Internet activists, who are considered key contributors of the public opinion. It should be note that these unintentional or intentional negligence resulted in further spread of human rights violations in Iran.

The first report in this domain is the execution of “Sirvan Nejavi” and although it was an important matter, it wasn’t noted by the public. Also due to land mine explosion close to the village of “Langriz” part if “Sarvabad” in Kurdistan state, a 13 year old boy died and another 12 years old got heavily injured. Neglect of execution of “separation of crime” law, hunger strike of two political ideological prisoners at Rjaee Shahr Prison , reduction of salary of those with “lose Hijab” were among other reports which failed to attract public attention.

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