Nasoor Naghipoor Transferred to Solitary Confinement Again

May 26, 2010

HRANA – Human rights activist Nasoor Naghipoor has been transferred to solitary confinement once again. 

Based on information received by HRANA, Naghipoor who had only recently been placed in a two person cell, was taken to solitary confinement again for refusing to sit for a television interview and false confession.

Almost three months have passed since the arrest of this journalist and human rights activist and he remains in captivity even though his temporary arrest order expired on May 1, 2010.

Follow-ups by Mr. Naghipoor’s family, friends and attorney have been fruitless thus far, and the authorities have not yet brought any clear charges against him. Mr. Naghipoor has only been allowed to have one visit with his family since May 1st and due to increased pressures, has not had any contact with his family over the past 10 days.

HRA had reported the increased pressures on human rights activists and renewed efforts by officials to obtain forced false confessions in its last statement.

Nasoor Naghipoor is a blogger, journalist and human rights activist and was arrested in his father’s home in Ghasvin on March 2, 2010, during the widespread raids on human rights activists. He was taken directly to Ward 2A of Evin prison.

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