Navid Khanjani Released on Heavy Bail

May 7, 2010
HRA News Agency – Education rights activist, Navid Khanjani, was released after posting heavy bail.

According to HRANA, Mr. Navid Khanjani of Isfahan was released on bail on 3 May 2010, after providing collateral valued at 50 million Túmán (~50,000 USD). Mr. Khanjani was arrested on 2 March 2010 at his home by agents from Tehran’s Ministry of Intelligence and transported to Evin Prison in Tehran by air from Isfahan. Mr. Khanjani has been active in the issue of student rights who have been denied education on many grounds. Students are denied access to higher education on many grounds. The majority of students in Iran are denied education based on a system of religious apartheid.
Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of human rights clearly states that “Every one has the right to education.” This right has been systematically denied to Iranian Baha’is over the past three decades.

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