The New Penal Code and the Possibility of Appeal for Drug Related Charges

HRANA News Agency – With proper implementation of the new criminal code, all convicted of drug related charges would find the chance of appeal on their sentences.
According to Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA)’s legal advisers’ review on the new penal code, the article 32 has have differentiated between the prisoners for asking for appeal. Not only newly convicted drug prisoners can ask for appeal, but under the condition of cancellation of previous law, other prisoners with drug charges can ask for appeal, too.
According to article 32 of the penal act for drug related charges, all of the sentences have to be applied, and executions just will be applied by the order of the Supreme Court or attorney general of Iran.
This new law could give the opportunity to all of the prisoners with drug related charges or on death row, and give them a chance for appealing.
When we asked Mr. Moghimi whether or not the new law supersede the old law, he answered: “presumably the new law has modified with the last standards and therefore I believe it will supersede the old law”.

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