No information about Hanif Rahmani’s condition

HRANA News Agency – Despite being more than 20 days under arrest there is still no news about Hanif Rahmani’s condition.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Hanif Rahmani was arrested on June 13, 2013 ahead to presidential election at his home in Karaj.
Agents have inspected his house and confiscated his personal properties such as books and computer.
One of his relatives said to HRANA “We have no idea where he has been transferred and there is no information about his condition.”
It is worth mentioning that before presidential election a large group of political activists were arrested that Hassan Saremi -Gholam Hossein Saremi- the brother of Ali Saremi -who was executed in 2010 in Evin prison- with his two children Shahla and Hamed were among them and there is no news about their condition. Saremi family members have no political activity recorded in their reputation.

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