No meeting and health treatment for Ali Moezi

HRANA News Agency – Although Ali Moezi is in a critical condition because of bladder cancer, the judge Salavati has ordered not to give him any meeting or health treatment now for 6 months.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the political prisoner Ali Moezi who is prevented from meeting and health treatment after refusing to go to the branch 15 of the revolutionary court of which the judge is Salavati, is in a critical situation because of bladder cancer.
He had written in a letter: “Since the courts are not independent and also they are criminal and murderer themselves, I won’t go to these courts for the sake of my conscience and God and people. Whatever the sentence is they can send it to my lawyer.”
His family went to meet him in the Evin prison on April 8, but they were not allowed.
There were some prisoners who died because of being prevented from health treatment like Mohsen Dogmechi, Mansur Radpur, Mohammad Mehdi Zaliye and recently Ali Reza Karami Kheyrabai.
Ali Moezi has spent three months and a half in the solitary and has been arrested because of taking part in the memorial of Mohsen Dogmechi, Ali Saremi and Jafar Kazemi.
He is under temporary arrest since June 2011 and has spent 7 month in the sections 209 and 240 of the Evin prison.

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