No News of Young Blogger, Mina Shahrvand

HRANA News Agency – After forty days of arrest, the fate of Mina Shahrvand, a young blogger born in August of 1983, remains unknown.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on February 3, 2011, a number of plainclothes officers raided and searched Mina Shahrvand’s family home. After confiscating her personal property such as government subsidies, books, notes, and CDs, she was arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

It has been reported that the arresting officers demonstrated violent behavior and when confronted by her family’s insistence, particularly her mother’s sobbing, they said that they were taking her for questioning to the Prosecutor’s office in the Revolutionary Court.

Meanwhile, after more than forty days, neither Mina Shahrvand has contacted her family nor they have been given any information about her status or whereabouts.

Despite repeated visits to the Revolutionary court located on Moalm Street [in Tehran], the family hasn’t been given a clear answer. Instead, the authorities have each time told them that Mina Shahrvand’s case is under investigation and prior to the completion of the preliminary inquiries, no information can be given out.

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