Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Narges Mohammadi Initiates Hunger Strike

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Narges Mohammadi Initiates Hunger Strike

On November 6, Narges Mohammadi, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and a prominent political prisoner detained at Evin Prison, commenced a hunger strike in protest of the prison’s failure to offer her the necessary medical care.

Just last week, Mohammadi was denied access to medical treatment at an outside hospital due to her refusal to adhere to compulsory hijab requirements during the transfer to the medical facility.

It is noteworthy that Mohammadi has a history of prior arrests and convictions linked to her activism. In October 2020, she was released from Zanjan Prison after enduring approximately five and a half years of imprisonment. However, her ordeal persisted as she faced another legal case, culminating in a sentence of 30 months of imprisonment, 80 lashes, and two fines.

On November 16, 2021, Mohammadi was arrested once again during a commemorative event honoring Ebrahim Ketabdar, who had lost his life during the November 2019 protests in Karaj. Subsequently, Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court handed down a staggering eight-year prison sentence, accompanied by seventy-four lashes, two years of exile, and various social restrictions.

Adding to her ordeal, Mohammadi received an additional one-year prison sentence in early August, stemming from a new case initiated during her incarceration.


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