A Number of Sunni Arab Civilians Arrested in Shushtar

HRANA News Agency – Recently, a large number of mainly Sunni Arab citizens from Shushtar were arrested by security forces. There is no information about their fate, so far.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the headquarters of Abolfazl Abbas forces of the Ministry of Intelligence along with the forces of Basij went to Alam al-Hoda street in the south of Shushtar city and arrested numerous (about 20 persons) Sunni Arabs who were doing their morning group prayers and transferred them to an unknown location, on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

According to sources close to the families of the detainees, these citizens were raided after holding “classes on the Quran and Arabic language, and while they were doing their group prayers in the style of Sunni people, by the security forces. The forces arrested them after seizing their mobile phones.”

Their authenticated identities are as follows: Ramazan Savari, Rasoul Savari, Saeid Savari, Abdulkarim Kaabi, Bashir Savari, Ahmad Chaldavi, Saeid Savari, Hasan Kaabi, Ali Kaabi, and Saheb Kaabi.

Also, the Intelligence Office’s forces have arrested three activists in Ahvaz: Hossein Kaabi, 26, Rahim Kaabi, 23, and Mohammad Kaabi, 22, have been arrested in the village of “Guriyeh”, the center of Shoeibieh District of the city of Shushtar, and transferred to an unknown location.

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