Offensive Behavior of Prison Guards of Rajai Shahr Prison with Political Prisoners’ Families

HRANA News Agency – The guards in Rajai-Shahr Prison harassed the families of political prisoners while visiting their prisoners. The protest of prisoners and their families had no result and the encounter which continuously gets worse, has negative influences on the conditions of prisoners and their families.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), families of political prisoners in Rajai-Shahr prison complained to the Prosecutor’s Office due to offensive behavior of the prison guards, but the prosecutor responded that he was not involved in this process and it was not also within the scope of his duties.
Sources close to the families of political prisoners in Rajai-Shahr Prison while the confirming this news, said in several separate conversations with reports of HRANA: “In addition to the families’ complaint to the prosecutor, also prisoners complained to the warden and asked to inspect these inappropriate and offensive behaviors, but no action has been taken to prevent it and the situation gets worse every time.”
An informed source said in this regard: “It is a few months that meeting for prisoners has become so hard, so that for meeting, body searches are carried out for several times. Several clashes have occurred between the prisoners with the guards.”
HRANA’s sources said, “Of course these conflicts happen because of the order of Shojaee, head of ward and lieutenant Mohammadi who search political prisoners with two soldiers and it happens only in the ward of political prisoners by order of Muhammad Mardani head of ward and agreement of Darius Amiryan internal management. Despite the families’ protest to prosecutor they said that they were not involved and all is head of prison’s orders.”
A witness to mention a few examples of how this behavior is offensive, said: “For example, families, and prisoners are forced to take off their shoes. Despite checking by the devices they insist on checking manually, and this action has been repeated several times for families. They also touch degrading the sexual parts of the people.” Another source said to HRANA: “The inspections are only for political prisoners’ ward. Prisoners also are audited while leaving and entering the ward and in some cases the prisoners are completely naked.”
The source said at the end: “last week they kept one family at the state of questioning for hours, and checked their mobile phone.”

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