Omar Farhang; 9 Year of Imprisonment Without Medical Furlough

HRANA News Agency – Omar Farhang, political prisoner who is serving his 10 years in prison sentence in exile is currently being kept in central prison of Ardabil. He has been deprived of having medical treatment and being transferred to hospital, despite suffering from different diseases like hemorrhoids and skin diseases, in addition to an appearing lump in his throat that is suspicious of being cancer.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Omar Farhang, born in 1972, is married and father of two children and used to live in Uremia city. He received 10 years of imprisonment in exile and being kept in central prison of Ardabil.

This prisoner was arrested on June 12, 2009, ad charged with cooperation with PJAK and had been under interrogation and torture for three months in solitary confinement of intelligence service.

Mr. Farhang has said to his close confidants, “The torture was in a way that I was wishing to die every day, despite that I was innocent. I was just alleged of having been in contact with people that according to the intelligence service were “opposition members” while they were guests in my house and I did not know their political views were is opposition with the regime”.

He was transferred to the central prison of Uremia after three months, and kept there for 9 months. After that, his trial was conducted and after the 10-years-imprisonment sentence, he was transferred to central prison of Ardabil on June 12, 2010.

Mr. Farhang has stated about the prison, “the harassments and insults continue in Ardabil prison and I am experiencing religious, linguistic and ethnic discrimination”.

This prisoner has been diagnosed with different diseases during past 8 years including hemorrhoids and skin diseases but despite his and his family’s requests, nothing was done by prison authorities regarding his diseases.

Mr. Farhang had some hunger strike in protest to his condition in prison and deliberate negligence by officials regarding his requests, the he was transferred to mentally ill prisoners’ ward and as a result of severe mental pressure he stopped his strike.

A close source to his family told HRANA’s reporter, “Omar is in a bad condition both physically and mentally. On the other hand his family is concerned and they are anxious and under stress”.

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