Othman Mameh Detained for Over 600 Days

Othman Mameh Detained for Over 600 Days

Othman Mameh, a resident of Bukan in West Azerbaijan province, has been detained for over 600 days. The lack of information about his condition has heightened the concern of his family and acquaintances.

A source close to Mameh’s relatives confirmed this news to HRANA: “Despite 600 days passing since Mr. Mameh’s arrest and the family’s follow-ups with security and judicial authorities, the relevant officials refuse to provide a clear answer regarding his status. Mameh has not had any contact with his family since his arrest, which has added to the concerns of his family and acquaintances. The only response from security agencies is that if he had died, they would have been informed.”

Mameh, 55, was arrested by security forces in Bukan on November 18, 2022.

As of the time of this report, no information has been obtained regarding the reasons for his arrest, his place of detention, or the charges against him.

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