Overview of Political Prisoner Reza Mohammad-Hosseini’s Legal Situation in Ghezel Hesar Prison

Overview of Political Prisoner Reza Mohammad-Hosseini's Legal Situation in Ghezel Hesar Prison

Political prisoner Reza Mohammad-Hosseini is currently incarcerated in Ghezel Hesar Prison and has been prohibited from making phone calls to his family since May 10.

The cause of this restriction remains unclear, though it may relate to his recently published audio message. In this recording, he disclosed that the IRGC forces barred him from authorizing his brother to manage exclusive inheritance affairs.

Mohammad-Hosseini was initially detained by security forces at his home on May 1, 2023, and held in Detention A-1, under IRGC Intelligence’s jurisdiction. After a period, he was relocated to the quarantine section of Evin Prison and subsequently moved to Ghezel Hesar Prison upon his indictment.

In January 2024, the Tehran Appellate Court convicted him on multiple charges, resulting in a total sentence of 14 years and six months. He received six years and three months for “membership in anti-regime groups to undermine national security,” the same term for “assembly and collusion against national security,” one year for “spreading propaganda against the regime,” property confiscation on charges of “illegal acquisition of property,” and an additional year for “defying government officers on duty.”


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