Pardon, freedom and merger of conviction for 4 Political Prisoners

HRANA News Agency – Behzad (Hossein) Asiaie and Kaveh Rahimi who had to serve the remaining 5 months of their sentence in prison have been pardoned. Hamidreza Yazdani received one year pardon and Safa Daneh received a one year reduction of his sentence through Merger of Conviction.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Sunday, Behzad ( Hossein) Asiaie and Kaveh Rahimi were notified of the pardon given to them and have been told that their remaining 5 month sentence is forgiven . Last night, these two who were each sentenced to one year imprisonment, were released from Evin prison.
Also, Hamidreza Yazdani was notified that his 5.5 years imprisonment sentence is reduced by 1 year. Hamidreza Yazdani was sentenced to 5.5 years imprisonment on the charges of Blasphemy, propaganda activities and insulting the Supreme Leader.
It is important to mention that yesterday, Safa Daneh was notified that his 2 years sentence is reduced by one year through merger of Conviction. He has been  sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on the charges of selling VPN (Internet Proxy) and Propaganda activities.

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