Payam Markazi Prevented from Having Medical Treatment in Rajaei Shahr Prison

Posted on: 27th December, 2016
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Payam Markazi

HRANA News Agency – Payam Markazi, imprisoned Bahai in Rajaei Shahr prison, who is suffering from heart diseases, refused to wear the dirty clothes of the prison, and also having handcuffs and shackles, and was therefore sent back to the ward by the order of Mr. Mardani, head of the prison. He was sent back to the ward with about an hour of delay.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mr. Mardani, head of the Rajaei Shahr prison of Karaj, prevented Payam Markazi from being transferred to the hospital, on November 26.

A close source to Mr. Markazi told HRANA’s reporter, “Despite the cold weather, there are only few tin clothes being provided for the prisoners during their transfer. Prisoners who are forced to wear these clothes, have been diagnosed with skin diseases. This is one of the reasons that skin diseases and infections are spreading in Rajaei Shahr prison.  For this reason, Mr. Markazi and many other prisoners, mainly political prisoners, are refusing to wear these clothes and in response, Mr. Mardani and Hajiloo, make it an excuse and prevent them from being transferred to medical centers. Mr. Markazi had to go back to the ward after a hot discussion with authorities, despite his bad condition”.

Payam Markazi, born in 1957 in Tehran, and resident of Gorgan, was arrested on November 18, 2012, and charged with “propaganda against the regime, cooperation with conflicting governments, and being a member of a secret Bahia organization”, and sentenced to 5 years in prison by judge Moghiseh in branch number 28 of the revolutionary court. Judicial authorities rejected his furlough requests for his mother’s funeral and daughter’s wedding.

Amirhooshang (Shapoor) Markazi, his father was executed in on Evin in October 1984. His mother, Parichehr Azadeh, was also imprisoned then for 5 years in Evin prison of Tehran.