Pressures Grow on Teachers’ Trade Rights’ Activists

HRANA News Agency – On the eve of teachers’ gathering, on 7th May, pressure on teachers’ Union activists significantly has increased and family of the imprisoned teacher, Rasool Bodaghi, also has been summoned.

According to the report of HRANA News Agency, Esmail Abdi, Mahmood Beheshti Langroodi, family of Rasool Bodaghi, imprisoned teacher, Masood Zainal Zadeh, Seyed Mojtaba Ghoreishi and Mehdi Bohlooli, are a group of trade Union activists, who have been threatened, in some ways, or have been summoned before the assembly of teachers.

In this regard, on 3rd May, Esmail Abdi, teachers’ union’s general secretary, was summoned to the office of the Ministry of Intelligence and was given a warning on participation in the rally, then in contact with Mr. Abdi’s lawyer, he was asked to refer his client to endure ten years of imprisonment. It was mentioned in Mr. Abdi’s summon, that the enforcement of his prison sentence would depend on his resignation from the general secretary of the Association of Teachers, and based on the information, he has announced his resignation, following the increase in pressures on him.

On 4th May, Mr. Mahmood Beheshti Langroodi, a member and former spokesman of the teachers’ union, was summoned to the office of Ministry of Intelligence, and also his sentence of nine years imprisonment was subjected to his resignation. Then, on 5th May officers went to the house of the imprisoned teacher, Rasool Bodaghi, and after searching his home, they confiscated his devices such as PC, laptop, camera and several CDs.

Following that, Rasool Bodaghi’s wife, Forozan Alizadeh, and his daughter, Shabnam Bodaghi, also were summoned for 6th May to branch 6 of the court, in Evin prison.  Teachers association’s solicitor has considered this summon as an illegal order, because the summons must be notified at least 72 hours in advance, therefore, the family of the Rasool Bodaghi did not attend the court.

Masood Zainal Zadeh and Seyed Mojtaba Ghoreishian, members of the teachers’ union also were called on 6th May and were prohibited from attending the gathering on 7th May.

Mr. Mehdi Bohlooli is also one of the trade unionists activists that during this period of time, has been summoned to the office of Ministry of Intelligence.

It is noteworthy to mention that, teachers are going to hold a gathering on 7th May, in Baharestan square, outside the Parliament, to protest the conditions of their trade and pursue their demands.

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