A Prisoner Beaten and Left in the Yard for 3 Days

HRANA News Agency – Abdul Hakim Chakeri who has been imprisoned at Zahedan’s Central Prison from 19 months ago, after returning from a visit was insulted and beaten by prison staff due to his protest against the method of physical inspection. The prison authorities made him naked, handcuffed and shackled him, and beat him badly, and despite the bad physical condition, kept him in the ward’s yard for three days.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Abdul Hakim Chakeri, a security prisoner in the Central Prison of Zahedan, who has been detained for more than 19 months since he was arrested on charge of “acting against the national security”, after returning from a visit and insistence of two prison guards for physical inspection, was insulted and beaten by them, and was kept in the yard for three days.
One of Mr. Chakeri’s relatives in this regard told HRANA’s reporter: “Mr. Chakri, after returning from close visit, faced the order of two of the guards, “Molahi” and “Karbala’i “, that he had to be naked for physical inspection on Sunday, February 25. He was asked for excretion of stool in front of the officers in order to make sure that he had not hidden anything inside his body! He denied this, and after that, the prison guards took him into the yard of ward, and made him naked there, closed his arms and legs and tightened him there for three nights and days and beat him violently”.
The source added: “Mr. Chakeri was transferred to Ward 1 after three days, and due to injuries caused by severe beatings, all his body was bruised and he was unable to walk, now also his family and relatives are very worried about his physical condition.”
Abdul Hakim Chakeri, 22, a resident of Ja’leq village from Saravan, was detained for 5 months and 15 days in solitary confinement of Zahedan Intelligence Department of the Revolutionary Guards at the time of arrest, and is currently detained in Ward One of the Central Prison of Zahedan.

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