A Prisoners Chained to the Flagpole in the Yard of Ardebil Prison

HRANA News Agency – Ardebil prison officials beat a prisoner who had protested against not having sleeping place, and then chained him to the rods of the prison for hours in the cold weather. This inhumane practice in Ardebil Prison has been done before.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), a prisoner named Behnam Amiri, son of Islam, who is serving his three years on charge of robbery, was beaten by prison authorities after being transferred from adults’ ward to ward 5 of the prison.
He had objected to the lack of sleeping place due to the crowds of prisoners when the prisoner was transferred to the ward then he was beaten by the warden and head of prison.
After that he protested by self-injuring.
The prison authorities, after controlling him and without taking care of the injuries, decided to chain him to the flagpole with a bracelet and a pendant in the middle of the prison yard.
The prisoner, who has been chained to the flagpole for a day in a cold weather. Prison authorities have told the prisoners that when the prisoner returned to the ward, no one was allowed to give him a sleeping place.
Previously, prison officials used the same method for other prisoners.
Afshin Zainali, Abbas Alipour and Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi are the Baluch political prisoner who have been chained to the rods of prison with bracelets and pendants.

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