A Prisoners Committed Suicide in Ghezelhesar Prison and Died

HRANA News Agency – A young prisoner committed suicide in Ghezelhesar prison on May 1st and due to delay in response and transferring him to the clinic, he died in section number 2 of the prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), a new prisoner who was charged with drug possession and trafficking and imprisoned in hall number one in section 2 of Ghezelhesar prison, committed suicide and died due to delay in response from the official on his transfer to prison clinic.
HRANA has identified this prisoner as Rahbar Gangkhanloo.
Mr. Gangkhanloo, (between 30 to 35 years old) was arrested 4 months ago and had not had court hearing yet.
A close source to this prisoner explained to HRANA’s reporter, “Mr. Gangkhanloo had claimed that he was innocent. He leased a warehouse that the drug had been found there and the person who had rented the warehouse is fugitive. But he was arrested as the owner. It was some time that he did not eat and did not talk to anybody”.
This source continued, “irregular behavior of him at night of May 1st was obvious. He was constantly saying delirious things and saying “God I am coming to you.” But none of the officials thought that it was serious and he died due to late transfer to the clinic. It is not known what he ate to committ suicide”.

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