Prisoners Face Lack of Basic Facilities in Central Prison of Tehran

HRANA News Agency – The operation of the Central Prison of Tehran has started while it is under construction and even drinking water and its installation also has not been completed.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), in the Central Prison of Great Tehran (Fashafoyeh) over the 48 hours, water was available just for 2 hours, and by ten o’clock in the morning, on Sunday 2nd August, this problem had not been solved, the problem that led to protests by the prisoners.
According to one of HRANA’s sources this problem has caused living in Halls of Phase 4 intolerable because of a stench from the toilets.
More than five hundred prisoners who had recently been transferred to the Central Prison of Tehran protested against the poor conditions and lack of basic facilities on Thursday evening, 30th July.
One of HRANA’s sources, regarding the reasons of prisoners’ protest said: “Being held in the prison yard under the sun from 9 am to 13 pm, terrible hygiene status in the bathroom without sleeves and tankard, power outage of gas and water and the lack of air conditioning in this heat, lack of medical attention and specific treatment to specific patients, and that any complaint is suppressed by the prison guard, also there are only 240 beds for 542 people who are held there, and the rest of them have to sleep next to the toilets and in the corridors.”
Prison guards answered the prisoners’ protests by beating and shaving a prisoner’s hair, named Abbas Ahoonbar, who was one of the prisoners who started the protests.
It should be noted that the Central Prison of Great Tehran, which is under construction and is slated to receive 15,000 prisoners of Tehran’s jurisdiction. The prisoners from Evin and Ghezelhesar prison will be transferred into this prison.

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